Chasing The Sun: Searching for Game Changers in Disruptive Photovoltaic Technologies

In the past few years, alternative solar technologies, such as copper indium gallium (di)selenide (CIGS), copper zinc tin sulfide (CZTS), concentrated PV (CPV), organic PV (OPV), organic-inorganic PV, among others, are emerging in the global solar market. As the solar industry develops and diversifies, the new solar cell technologies will erode the market shares taken by traditional x-Si cells, and the success of the new technologies is heavily depended on their performance, technology maturity, and financial status of their developers. In fact, during the course of technology commercialization, plenty of the new technology developers were facing financial insolvency and had to sell their technology with firesale prices to larger players, giving excellent M&A, JV and other opportunities to the solar market leaders and other companies that want to enter the solar field.


This report provides market estimation for each alternative solar technology type in 2014, and forecast to 2019. It will also provide an up-to-date analysis on the recent solar innovations, based on the patent applications and the technology acquisitions in the key alternative solar technology fields in the past three years. These alternative solar technologies will be further compared on key index such as module efficiency, development potential, economies of scale, and their key developers will be identified. The alternative solar technologies will be further assessed on their technology strength, technology adoption status, and commercial values, and based on these, Innova Research will identify the game changers and the relevant opportunities in the future solar world.


Key questions addressed:

What is the global installation capacity of key alternative solar technologies, split by type, in 2014?

How will the market for each alternative solar technology grow in the next five years?

Which are the winning solar technologies in the short term, middle term, and long term? and why? 

Who are the key developers of the winning solar technologies?

How did the market leaders pick these solar technologies by M&As in the past three years?


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