The Chinese Market for Residential Air Purifiers 2015 Edition

Nationwide haze has become a serious environmental issue and drawn great concerns from the Chinese residents and the Chinese government. When the authorities were taking actions to control the air pollution, strict enhancement of environmental regulations and laws, especially for major pollution sources such as coalfired power generation and other industry discharging, as well as vehicle emission, has been taking place across the country. Meanwhile, mid-class consumers who regard the clean air as an important part of their life quality, were looking into immediate solutions for in-door air purification, resulted in a boom of the Chinese residential air purifier market in the past few years. The market is expected to grow to meet the rapidly increasing demands, bringing large opportunities to air purifier makers and the suppliers of key components/materials to the air purifier value chain.


The report provides and up-to-date analysis on the Chinese residential air purifier market and identifies the market and technology trends that will have significant influences over the next five years. The report also covers the Chinese air purifier industry value chain, from upstream materials/components such as HEPA filter materials and electrostatic/plasma generators, to downstream air purifier devices. Unit shipments and market revenues were estimated for the Chinese residential air purifier market in 2014, split by technology type, geographic region, price range, and forecasts are provided to 2019.  Competitive analysis contains market share estimates for the leading air purifier brands are also provided.


Key issues addressed:


- How many residential air purifiers were shipped in China in 2014? How will the market grow in the next five years? and why?


- How will the air purification technologies evolve in China? Which technologies, other than HEPA, will grow significantly in the next five years?


- Who are the leading suppliers to the Chinese residential air purifier market? What are their market shares in 2014?


- Who are the leading suppliers of the key components/materials, such as HEPA materials and filters, electrostatic/plasma generators, to the Chinese air purifier makers?


- What are the Chinese regulations for air qualiy control? What are their implications to the residential air purifier market in China?


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