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Shanghai, China - 3 November, 2016 - Innova Research is invited to give a keynote speech at the Global Automotive Plastic Industry Summit 2016 held from 10th - 11th November 2016 at the Marriott Hongqiao Hotel in Shanghai. Organized by major industry associations such as SPI (Society of Plastics Industry) and CPPIA (China Plastics Processing Industry Association), the two-day summit attracts decision makers from both automotive industry and plastics industry in and out of China. At the summit, Innova Research will present our recent research on "The Global Graphene Market and Graphene in Automotive Applications".


Innova Research has been conducting market research for graphene as an emerging technology since 2015. Although graphene as an important new material has drawn attentions from global leading material developers, the adoption of graphene-based materials in the automotive industry is still at its infancy and few sizable deals have been observed. However, Innova Research believes that some graphene-enabled automotive applications are getting closer to sacled adoption.


Innova Research evaluated eleven graphene-enabled materials and electronics systems that are likely to be used in automotive applications in the future, including graphene-enabled functional textile, graphene-reinforced tires, graphene-based friction/thermal management materials, graphene-doped anti-corrosion coatings, light-weight graphene-based structural materials, graphene-integrated electronics, graphene-based pollutant detector and sensors, graphene-enhanced fuel cells, and graphene-integrated solar panels. By assessing both the technology maturity and the cost reduction potential of these applications, Innova Research concluded that graphene-reinforced tires, graphene-based friction/thermal management materials, and graphene-integrated electronics applications were the closest to scaled adoption in the automotive applications.


Dr. Nancy Wu, Research Director of Innova Research commented:" Considering the cost-effective factor, graphene is still facing a lot of incumbent competitors, such as activated carbon in tires and friction/thermal management materials. However, we find that technologies are ready and the potential of cost reduction is significant in a few graphene-enabled automotive applications which we expect to see market introduction in the near future."


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