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2016 Graphene Report

Shanghai, China - February 26, 2016 - Widely considered the next wunderkind material for this millennium, graphene is attracting more and more attentions from both academic researchers and industrial players with its unique mechanical, electronic, and thermal properties. In the past few years, the excitement on this novel material brought in waves of research grants and production expansions. Global players have dedicated their efforts on cost reduction, production automation, and developing high-value added applications for graphene.


Innova Research started covering the global graphene market research in 2015, and will soon publish the 2016 edition of the report series, entitled "Turning Great Technology into Great Profitability - The Global Graphene Market Update 2016". As indicated in the title, one of the key focuses of the 2016 report is to spot the most promising graphene applications towards large-scale adoption, through evaluating the growth potentials of existing graphene applications in the areas of smart electronics, energy storage, functional composite, biomedicine, among others. In addition to the feature indexes used in the 2015 report, i.e. performance enhancement, easy to scale, future capital and material reduction potential, the 2016 report will also cover a series of new indexes, including prouction capacity, process efficiency, production specifications, market shares, and key partnerships. Apart from these, Innova Research will provide an up-to-date analysis on the global graphene market and the significant technology and market trends that will shape the graphene market over the next few years.


Dr. Nancy Wu, Research Director of Innova Research and the lead author of the report, commented:"The increasing graphene production scale and fierce competition among graphene suppliers will drive the price of graphene down in the next few years, making industry-scale adoption of graphene much more affordable. We see a strategic window for mass adoption of graphene, and will present the best opportunities distilled from myriad of applications in our 2016 graphene report."


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